Mount Tabor

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Mt. Tabor

The hidden divinity of Christ before His death is revealed here on Mt Tabor, the meeting of our human nature with God. Jesus is transfigured on the mountain as he is met by Elijah and Moses. The apostles witnessing were confused, and suggested that they stay there, for what they were seeing was good. As they were speaking, God spoke to them saying “This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am pleased. Listen to Him!” For us, the events that happened here on Mt Tabor prefigure for us the death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus tells his apostles that they cannot remain on top of the mountain, that they must go. Reminding us that we too cannot always stay on top of the Mountain, but that through relationship with Jesus, we can be transfigured to go and live a life redeemed by His blood through His death and resurrection.