MG Rosary - Men's Style Hematite Wrist Rosary Five Decade

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This style of wrist rosary(TM) five decade rosary bracelet has been designed specially for men. The hematite beads look like bbs and are very masculine. My husband likes this one, as it is not flashy. There are no dangling medals on this wrist rosary(TM). It closes with a strong magnet at the base of the cross. Also appropriate for women with a larger wrist, or one who does not care for charms on her bracelet. Wear a wrist rosary and always be ready to pray! Materials used Hematite beads, base medal st. Benedict crucifix, magnetic clasp Product attributes primary material: hematite; base metal size: 6-6 1/2" wrist; 7"-8" length pattern: 5 five decade rosary color: