Catholic Family Crate - Pray by Sticker: Paint-by-Number Stickerbook

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Paint your faith in stickers! Watch your faith come alive!  Just like paint-by-number, but with stickers! Peel the sticker, place the sticker, and watch your faith come alive! Pray By Sticker™ is a compelling activity for all ages, with everything you need to create faithful, vibrant, full-color “paintings” and have a prayerful time doing it. Create 10 Catholic masterpieces, one prayer at a time! Helps children learn about their Catholic faith while learning numbers and using their fine motor skills. * 10 masterpieces  * Perforated pages make it easy to frame or hang finished artwork * Size: 9" x 9" * Ages 5+ * Each page includes between 51 and 112 stickers * BONUS: The back of each image includes a description and reflective questions.   Images Included: * Church * Holy Mass * Guardian Angel * Mary * The Sacred Heart * Monstrance * Crucifix * Paschal Candle * The Eucharist * St. Michael the Archangel