The Fruit of the Spirits 4 Kids

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The Fruit of the Spirit 4 Kids is a Children's board book created to help teach our youth about the special gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit. Each page is beautifully written to educate and teach young believers about God's character. Wonderfully designed to have each page comes to life with vibrant colors and amazing images from fun outdoor farm scenes.

This book will help reinforce powerful messages to your children about how God wants us to experience and demonstrate his character. It also teaches us about the importance of sharing these good qualities with others. Additionally, the pages in the book have call to action items, so children will have examples of how to demonstrate each fruit...helping them learn and grow on their Christian journey with the Lord.

The Fruit of the Spirit 4 Kids is a timeless keepsake that can be shared with all generations for many years to come. This book and collection of stuffed animals are meant to be used to provide lasting memories and loads of fun for you and your children.