Iron Chinchilla - The Promise Cross 16"

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The Promise Cross was first designed in 2000 after an NFL cameraman panned the crowd and I noticed a banner held high in the air by a fan. The short message scrawled on a piece of cardboard in bright red paint was ~John 3:16.~ I had seen this verse several times over the years and never understood why people wanted to show it at a football game. So, as a new Christian, I opened my Bible and read about the love God has for us, and the sacrifice His son made to die on the cross so that we may live. That is where the idea for the heart resting gently on a cross made of iron came from. And why each and every cross is sold with that verse tucked inside. 16" h x 9" w - wall hanging Solid Iron (not hollow) Hole drilled in top for hanging Clear Coated for rust protection inside and out.