Be The Fruits (Fruit of the Spirit sticker book)

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Part of the Fruit of the Spirit 4 Kids Curriculum!

With This Great New Workbook, Your Child and Family Can: LEARN, PRACTICE AND SHARE GOOD CHARACTER AND VALUES!

With over 100 stickers and exercises to complete, this workbook will teach the importance of good character and values for children to learn and develop. A certificate of completion is included in the back of this workbook.

Your child will get to help Spirit Dove practice sharing his fruits alongside of his Friends-LOVE the Apple Bear, JOY the Pineapple Hippo, PEACE the Pitaya Lion, PATIENCE the Orange Duck, KINDNESS the Watermelon Pig, GOODNESS the Grape Moose, FAITHFULNESS the Banana Giraffe, GENTLENESS the Strawberry Elephant and SELF-CONTROL the Coconut Bull.