Prayer Against a Spirit of Confusion

Posted by Elizabeth Russell on

I've been thinking lately about the spirit of confusion that seems to inundate our world. It feels nearly impossible sometimes to decipher what is right and what is wrong: not only about morals, but about things like what to eat, how to discipline your children, how to run a business, when to pray...
In matters of Doctrine, personal development, education, and many other things, our world appears more divided now than it has in almost any other century. 
I feel a nagging at my heart that this confusion is a Demon - for is not confusion of the enemy? It never serves God. Jesus, when asked in prayer, either gives us a clear answer, or else urges us to have patience - He never advises that we obsess over something we don't know. 
Satan, however, revels in confusion. With half-truths and insidious lies, he wants our minds in a jumble. "Black Lives Matter," he says, and we don't question the statement, because of course that is true. As Catholics, we believe that all lives matter! But the more you see the fruit of the agenda behind the movement, the more you realize that sweet words cannot conceal the anti-family position they advocate. "Women have a choice," the lies speak again, and because we believe in Free Will, this is another lie that is hard to counter. "Love is Love and no one should stand in the way" is another one, and yet these words are spoken to justify a multitude of sexual sins. Finally, the confusion within our own church is far too rampant and, for me, too confusing to pinpoint. But it is there and it seems to breed fat. How do we worship? To whom should we listen? What are our leaders saying when they attempt to define and explain doctrine?
Please join me in praying to St. Joseph against this spirit of confusion that clouds 2020, and I believe, has been clouding our world for many, many years. I'll be devoting my prayers this week to this fight. Please pray for me as well, since I am already feeling confusion clouding over my mind as I set out to do this. It will be a battle for sure, but luckily, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are praying with us! They're the best! ;) 
Prayer Against Confusion
Dear Jesus, please release from my mind this spirit of confusion that clouds my understanding. Help me to trust in you and the answers you give, just as St. Joseph did when he dreamed that he should take Mary and her child into his home. May I have faith, not relying on my own understanding, but embracing yours. Give me peace when I do not understand, and the ears and heart to hear your words. I claim now your wisdom, and reject all confusion spread by Satan and his minions. Come Holy Spirit. Mary, pray for us. St. Joseph, pray for us. Jesus, have mercy on us.


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